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June 7, 2017 0
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Snapchat has easily become one of the most frequently used social media platforms by millennials (it has about 150 million daily users), even influencers and celebrities alike. Snapchat founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy saw the need to make something to convey emotions better. It aims to further improve the way its users communicate and express themselves in a form of a Snap and their personal narration of their day in a form of a Story. It has various interactive filters for selfies called Lenses that could make you either cute or funny (remember the popular dog filter?). Its geotagging feature comes in handy as well if you want to let the world know where you are.

How Snapchat operates as an image sharing platform is truly game changing: a photo or video uploaded publicly only plays for a maximum of ten (10) seconds which only lasts for twenty-four (24) hours. Then it will be gone forever—or so anybody thought.

Photos shared on Snapchat could also be in a form of a private snap. Teens like to use the app because of its unrivaled privacy compared to other platforms. This is exactly why parents may have the tendency to get paranoid over the use of this platform. Unknowingly, it encourages inappropriate behavior such as cyberbullying, sexting, and rampant exchange of nude images because of this format of image sharing. With its latest feature called Discover, it allows users to view Snapchat channels that are popular and have high ranking. Such accounts or channels, however, may have content that is inappropriate and/or offensive.

Some parents may feel the need to supervise their kid’s activities online. Up to this day, it is still a debatable issue whether it is socially acceptable for parents to know how to spy on kids using Snapchat.

Is there really a Snapchat spy app? Yes, there are third-party applications offers an in-depth tracking service to cater to worrying parents. One of them is Mobile Spy or also known as Cocospy. It is your best Snapchat app for all popular devices used today. It is compatible with most operating systems such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Accurately Traces Every Multimedia File Sent Or Received

Cocospy will be keeping track of every activity your kid performs online.

Self-destructs On Snapchat, But Not On Cocospy

Cocospy will be able to retrieve the actual photos or videos as well as messages sent and received even if Snapchat has already deleted it from the feed. These retrieved files can be accessible anytime in the web control panel.

Track Your Children’s Snapchat At Your Own Convenience

Even if you’re at home or at work, you may still monitor your children through online control panel which is accessible 24/7. It acts as a remote spy on Snapchat. Furthermore, you may be able to track their call logs, messages, emails, instant messaging apps, website logs, and so much more.

Value For Money, Guaranteed

Even if parents are more than willing to spend much on a monitoring app, it is valued at a price that won’t have to sacrifice anyone’s family budget. All it takes is $39.99/month to keep your children safe online. You will be amazed by how much your dollar could stretch not only with its features but also with its superior 24/7 customer support.

10-day Refund If You’re Not Satisfied

In case you’re not happy with Cocospy’s services, you will receive a refund. It’s highly unlikely, though, it is one of the best monitoring softwares yet that made millions of happy customers put their full confidence into its services.

Parents, don’t risk your children safety online especially on Snapchat. Act fast, act now. Purchase an Ultimate subscription from Cocospy today.

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