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Effects Of Online Gaming On Young People And Children

June 8, 2017 0
kids playing online games

With a variety of games available on both App Store and Play Store targeted for young users, it is no surprise now that most kids know how to use a tablet and other devices to play games.

Having said it, this early exposure to gadgets as a form of education and entertainment has a huge impact on their growth and development. In general, there are different factors in which a child may adhere to a particular effect, such as a parent’s ability to watch over their child’s activities on a tablet even when at school. Most often than not, kids may either absorb its positive or adverse effects of playing online games.

Pros Of Playing Online Games:

Ability to follow instructions well – In order for one to win, one must first follow its mechanics to be able to finish the game up until the very last stage to declare victory. As children are taught of this at an early age, they will be able to adopt it until s/he grows up.

Kid becomes more of a critical thinker – games such as puzzles and among its type help a child to foster a critical thinking which is mainly helpful as s/he ages. These games train their brain to think deeper not only in these games but in their everyday lives even as a kid. Moreover, it helps kids keep their concentration at best so that they could go through one stage to another.

Kids become more strategic in terms of their decisions – games such as Monopoly, SimCity, Township, and the like are helping kids to make better decisions in regards to using the resources that one has in the game. With these games, they are taught to manage and fully utilize what they have.

Cons Of Playing Online Games:

Kids may become violent – Some online games may need parental guidance because of its harmful content. When left unsupervised, children may adopt the violent and aggressive actions of the game and think that it’s okay to do so.

May subject themselves to isolation – As a child spends too much time playing online, s/he may neglect his/her priorities such as academics, friends and family which could make his grades decrease sharply before the child knows it.

Online games increase chances of cyberbullying – It can’t be helped that when the game becomes both intense and interactive, trash talking may take place in chatrooms, where a child may become victim of cyberbullying.

If you are worried that your kid spends that much time playing games and you’re worried whether the content is appropriate or not, you can always use Cocospy to monitor their actions.

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