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June 9, 2017 0

Are you worried about your kid using Snapchat?
Your kid may just be a part of the 19% of American teens who think that Snapchat is the most valuable social media network. Apparently, they immensely enjoy being on Snapchat because whatever they post there just disappears in a matter of 24 hours when made public, and only about a couple of seconds when sent privately. Apart from that, they enjoy that kind of filters that instantly recognizes your face and make them beautiful, cute, or all of it combined.

Moreover, your kid may be among the 30% who are using Snapchat because it’s an app that is least used by older generations. After all, the app was designed to market and encourage teens and young adults to use all of its features. In that case, it helps them to have a lot more privacy to post whatever they want without being restricted by anyone; unlike on other social media platforms such as Facebook where almost all of their family members are there, and they couldn’t post silly things without getting noticed or judged.

More often than not, your child has been spending a significant amount of time on Snapchat as it appears to be just a harmless form of medium. The more time spent, the more alarming it gets.

Parents’ Concerns About Snapchat

As the children become more active on the said social media platform, it is indeed a concerning issue among parents on the potential danger that might take place when their kids are still underage and are up to something without their supervision. As they spend more time on the app, they are putting their digital safety at risk especially when they mindlessly talk to people they barely know aside from their friends. They may not realize that they are talking to the wrong persons until they become victims of either cyberbullying themselves. Or worse, they might even encounter a pedophile or online predators along the way.

Another issue that worries parents nowadays is the possibility that their kids might be participate in the act of sexting, especially now that Snapchat somehow cultivates it because of its self-destroying image sharing and messaging.

How To Spy On Snapchat iPhone

With all of the reasons mentioned—without a doubt—parents may find the need to start monitoring Snapchat on their kid’s iPhone. Thankfully, nothing is impossible with the technology made available to anyone. Tracking Snapchat on iPhone has now become easier than ever with Cocospy.

Cocospy For Snapchat Monitoring For iPhone

More than a band-aid solution, Cocospy is a parental monitoring app (for iPhones as well) that offers help to parents in overcoming their fear and anxiety of allowing their kids to be on Snapchat and other frequently used social networking apps.

How To Spy On Snapchat With / Without Jailbreak

• Jailbroken: works best on a jailbroken iPhone, especially in features that need access and bypass administrative permissions to gather data such as traditional social networking and instant messaging apps. It can access multimedia files, both sent and received, even if it has already been self-destruct.

• Non-jailbroken: Similarly, it can also work efficiently as a parental monitoring iPhone but could only use its standard and limited monitoring tools and features such as call and text logs, photos, videos, installed applications, and much more.

Other Features Include:

Capturing data in a detailed report. If you’re monitoring more than one child, you may want to retrieve information in a systematized manner. Using Cocospy’s system, you will be able to generate and receive a comprehensive report of your children’s activities, organized by the information you’d need to know. Furthermore, the control panel presents useful data in an interface that could be used even if the user is non-tech savvy.

Remote tracking. It allows you to monitor your children’s mobile phone activities even at the comfort of your own home or workplace. They don’t necessarily have to be within your sight anymore just to keep tabs on them.

Customer support unlike any other. It prides in its ability to provide a quality after-sales support to its clients through e-mail and chat. So whether you have concerns, regardless of what time of the day it is, Cocospy’s customer support is reliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, if you are a new customer, you are eligible for mAssistance, a live support on the initial installation of the app into the iPhone you wish to monitor for 30 minutes. Additionally, if you want to be kept prioritized any time when you have concerns and inquiries, you may purchase a second-level customer support for only a small, convenient fee.

Main Benefits

The benefits that a parent can get from purchasing a subscription from Cocospy could be summed up in three words: peace of mind. The good news is, that Cocospy being the best iPhone monitoring software for parents is also reasonably priced, so you’ll always know you’re getting value for your money. It offers feature-rich plans that suit any family budget—Desktop-only, Mobile-only, and Family kit. You have options on how frequently you would like to be billed: monthly, quarterly, or annually. For as low as $16.66/month, you will be able to monitor child’s activities and become a more responsible parent.

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