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June 11, 2017 0
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While it is common knowledge that Snapchat is one of the social networking sites that a lot of people are frequently using, not everyone is familiar with the imposing threats there may be because of lack of supervision from adults, especially parents when the Snapchat user is still a minor.

Can Parents Spy On Snapchat?

Apparently, it is a popular application among children and teens because of the kind of privacy it somehow gives them thanks to self-destroying photo sharing. In fact, about 30% of them use it because their parents don’t. A photo or video may only be shown as a person’s Story for about 10 seconds and could only be visible for 24 hours. When the time has elapsed, it will vanish for no one to see except for the original uploader who has perhaps kept a copy in Memories.

Moreover, they think that their parents will never know what they do on the app because it was designed to take private messaging to another level. Little these young people know that there are dangers to what they do if they do not pay enough attention to their digital safety. If they are not careful, they might fall into the hands of pedophiles and people of bad influences.

Parents have each and every right to feel worried about this issue because young people rely upon the false security that Snapchat gives them. Children are at risk of being victims of cyberbullying as bullies may simply take a video or photo of their target using another phone to capture whatever their victim has posted.

Can You Use Parental Controls On Snapchat?

Yes, thankfully there are a lot of companies who are making such successful attempts to create a product intended for this purpose. These companies realize the need for parents to use a parental control app for both Android phones and Apple iPhones. Indeed, technology has made it possible now for a parent to monitor their children’s Snapchat accounts.

How To Put Parental Controls On Snapchat?

As mentioned, there are third-party applications that can be installed into the phone of your children. Moreover, it could offer basic or advanced features, or both, depending on the service provider. The trick is to choose a Snapchat monitoring tool that is not only affordable, rich in features, but also easy to use as well.

Why Cocospy Is Your Best Option

Cocospy is a 100% undetectable Snapchat monitoring tool for both Android and iPhone, designed for parental tracking. Apart from tracking your children’s activities on Snapchat, it can also gather data from the following activities: calls, texts, browsing, applications installed, photos and videos taken, whereabouts, keystrokes made, and so much more.

Regarding its powerful capabilities to monitor Snapchat, it can bypass all of its permissions as it can track messages sent and received as well as its corresponding pertinent details such as date and time. Since Cocospy can be used remotely, you can always check on your kids when you are in your free time. You can check who follows them and who they follow, as well as the photos and videos they have uploaded on Snapchat—even if the app itself says it self-destroys all of them when time have already elapsed.

You can also access their contacts if they have already interacted elsewhere beyond Snapchat such as iMessage or SMS, and get hold of a particular person’s contact details.

How It Works

Cocospy works on two of the world’s popular mobile operating system: iOS and Android. Moreover, it works by just installing the app on the target phone, the data shall reflect on the web-based control panel accessible from any browser.

Here’s how your control panel will look like:

cocospy demo

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